Advenced tool for management and corporate governance

ERP made in Italy for worlwilde market challenges

Fully integrate with any company ERP

Clears the distances with your customers

Modular and integrated solution for Insurance Companies

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OCTOBUS Enterprise Management System
OCTOBUS Enterprise Resource Planning
OCTOBUS Strategic Control System
OCTOBUS Customer Relationship Management
OCTOBUS Insurance Enterprise Management System


  OCTOBUS is developed in Java ™, according to the J2EE™ standard.   At the basis of the OCTOBUS...


  OCTOBUS infrastructure offers to system administrator, a wide range of control and management services available to...

System Integration

  One of the most distinctive elements of OCTOBUS is doubtless the System Integration area.   Infact, OCTOBUS...

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

  The OCTOBUS system Technology (en/ems-tecnology.html) area is also provided with a sophisticated and comprehensive ETL motor(Extract,...

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  The OCTOBUS basic services range is completed by a document managements tool called ECM (Enterprise...


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